eBook APP run in Android system:

I. Book Icon in Android(Self define)

icon in android

II. Reading steps: (self switch day/night mode)

Content style (Flip and Scroll effect)

Book app with flipping effect:

illustration Andlroid book app flip effectillustration Andlroid book app night flip mode

Flipping effect Book app "About" (Contains self-defined Book Properties):

flipping effect book app about Flipping effect book app book version information

Book app with scrolling effect (Scroll mode can't be inserted images):

book icon

Basic config interface (Scroll effect: click any area of screen; Flip effect: click the center of screen.)

book cover


<1> Previous and Next: fast slide the previous or next chapter.

<2> Catalog: check all the chapters.

android app book catelog

<3> Day/Night: switch day and night reading mode.

<4> Config: control font size, line space, font color(day), background(day), font(night), background(night).

android app book config

<5> Check basic information of app book.

 app book information


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