Create chapters :

I. Create new chapters manually:

1 Click the icon "Add a New Chapter", and then enter a name;

manually add chapters

2 Edit chapter:

<1> Append, insert, remove, clear all, move up, move down.

<2> Rename selected chapter.

<3> Remove the non-paragraph line breaks, select all, cut, copy, paste and save current content.

<4> Divide one chapter as multiple chapters.

<5> Extract selected text as a new chapter.

edit chapter content

II. Create chapters with Text files:

create chapters with text files

1 Add text files from local PC via clicking button "Add files".

2 Remove the checked text files from the list, and sort them.

3 Name chapter: "File name as chapter" and the "The first line as chapter".

4 Choose encoding: Windows(ANSI), ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7, UTF-8, Big Endian Unicode.


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