This part introduces Android book app maker personal menu. (After each option, you can see its hot key prompt.)

1 Book

Android book app maker menu Book

<1> Create new book: click it to create a empty new book.

<2> Open book: open list of the created books.

<3> Config: enter in the panel of book basic setup.

<4> Rename book: rename current book.

<5> Import from package: import the exported .abp project for continuous editing.

<6> Export as package: export the editing book as a package file suffixed .abp.

<7> Open book root path: Check out the original directory of current book app.

<8> Exit: exit Android book app maker personal.

2 Chapter

Android book app maker menu Chapter

<1> Import text files: batch create chapters through import text files, each file as a separate chapter.

<2> Import word document: import word files as new chapters.

<3> Add an empty chapter: add an chapter for empty book.

<4> Add child chapter: Add child chapter for the current selected chapter.

<5> Move up: select any chapter and move up for sorting chapters.

<6> Move down: similarly move any chapter down. (The order will be built in the output book app.)

<7> Level up: make the child chapter as a parent chapter.

<8> Level down: make the parent chapter as a child chapter.

<9> Delete chapter: click any chapter in the left list to select it and delete.

<10> Clear chapters: remove all the chapters.

3 Edit

Android book app maker menu Edit

<1> Remove non-paragraph: remove line breaks make it a whole paragraph (not separated by line feed) aim at English and other language whose participle depends on blank space.

<2> Divide chapter: select a chapter and divide it into multiple chapters.

<3> Extract as new chapter: extract the select text as a new chapter.

<4> Select all: select all the content in current editing panel, you will find the content highlighted blue.

<5> Cut: select part of content in the editing panel and then cut.

<6> Copy: select part of content in the editing panel and then copy.

<7> Paste: paste the content you copyed in the editing panel.

<8> Add image: insert image to the book.

<9> View image: select the image text to view the image.

<10> Replace image: replace the current image with another one.

<11> Remove image: remove the image.

<12> Save: save the changes of content.

4 Build

Android book app maker menu Build

Build: Connect your PC with Android device, the eBook app will install on the Android device automatically. More details on Build Book APP.

Android book app maker menu Build

5 Help

Android book app maker menu Help

<1> Help: open Android book app maker manual to obtain more detailed guidance.

<2> About: version code and license information.

<3> Contact us..: through it, you can visit support page and then contact us support team.


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