Export and import project

If you want to save current basic information and pages list, please refer to below explaining.

Click icon save current settings of the magazine editing workto save the current page list and basic information (magazine name, pakage prefix, package name, save path, etc) as xml file for future quick loading and continueing editing.

Click icon button load to the xml which store the basic information saved just now to continue editing.


If you want to edit the same application on other computers, you should export it first. To edit on other computers, you can import it in Android image app maker to continue. (the exported format is *.aip, please don't misunderstand it is the final image app. The output app format is *.apk)

Click "File--> Export project" (top menu line) to export the current editing project as package project file for transmitting among friends or future edit.

Click "File--> Import project" (similarly on the top menu line) to import package file exported last time to continue editing.

Export or import project for different computer editing









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