This part introduces Android showcase app maker menu. (After each option, you can see its hot key prompt.)

1 File

Android book app maker menu Book

<1> New empty page: click it to add a empty new page.

<2> Delete page: delete pages you don't need.

<3> Clear pages: click it to delete all pages.

<4> Set as home page: select a page and set it as home page.

<5> Open: click it to open a XML format demo.

<6> Save: save all the changes after editing.

<7> Config: define application information: application name, icon and background music.

<8> Exit: exit Android showcase app maker.

2 Build

Android showcase app maker menu Build

<1> Build: enter in the window of building showcase demo app.

<2> Set android SDK path: once you setup its path, and when you upload the showcase demo app to Android Market, you will never encounter the warning of zipalign.

3 Help

Android showcase app maker menu Help

<1> Help: open Android showcase app maker manual to obtain more detailed guidance.

<2> Contact us: through it, you can visit support page and then contact us support team.

<3> About: version code and license information.


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