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    About Product

  • Build Android app with common text files.
  • Chapters building:
      (1) Quick import txt files that each one as separate chapter (name by txt name or each txt file first line words);
      (2) Create chapters one by one though copying paragraphs of content in editing panel for being reedited.
  • Support common text encoding: Windows (ANSI), ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7, Big Endian Unicode, UTF-8 etc.
  • Support defining of book basic information: book name, author, category, relevant website and description. (All these information will appear on output Android book About interface)
  • Built-in text editing tools enable publishers to select all, cut, copy, remove the non-paragraph line breaks, save matter.
  • Fast divide one chapter into multiple chapters based on a key word such as "Chapter" .
  • Extract the selected text as a new chapter.
  • Support self define the extra items depend on what you want to popularize. (Also appear on the book About page)
  • It enables you to custom book icon (will appear on Android screen) and book cover (when start the book app which has been installed).
  • Allows you to predefine font, font size, lines pace, even font or background color which initially shown after you open the output book app in Android.
  • Encrypt content of book in case someone extracts it from the output eBooks.
  • Support insert pictures for illustrating.
  • The international option supports customize language explanations replacing the default English for different language users.
  • Export/Import book as a project file facilitates editing the same book in different computer. (The project file is absolutely not equal to the output apk)
  • Automatically save the current uncompleted book for further quick importing and editing.
  • Two reading modes scroll and flip are available for you.
  • Enables you to add bookmark.
  • Support text search.

    About the output eBook app

    After install the output app in Android-powered devices (Flip or Scroll mode)

    Flip Mode

  • You can read book app online or offline once it installed.
  • The design of book thickness makes the book app look life-like and reading interesting.
  • The flipping effect looks more vivid and perfect than the previous version.
  • The bottom of each page of book app shows the reading percentage, chapter name and current time.
  • Dance your finger on the touch screen to flip over the book app from left to right or oppositely.
  • If the publisher encrypted the book app, nobody can extract content from it.
  • The Previous and Next buttons facilitate flipping action.
  • Slight click the center of Android device screen to open the basic setting icons combination: Previous, Next, Catalog, Day/Night, Config and About.
  • Through clicking icon of Catalog, you can check all the chapters’ title of the book app.
  • Config: define font size, line space, screen light turning on/off when reading, book basic information.
  • Day/ night: beautiful parchment texture as background, also you can modify the font color and size.
  • About: Check out book app basic information such as name, author, category, description, etc.
  • The hyperlinks in content are all preserved.
  • You can enjoy the illustrations in flipping page.
  • Scroll Mode:

  • Read the book app on both online and offline condition.
  • Down-up finger sliding lead to page scrolling, also you can click the buttons of top previous or bottom next.
  • Slight click center of touch screen to open the setting combination: Previous, Next, Catalog, Day/Night, Config and About.
  • If book app content was encrypted, nobody can extract from it.
  • Click icon of Catalog, you can check out all the chapters.
  • "Previous" button on top directs to the last chapter.
  • "Next" button on bottom leads to next chapter.
  • Config: custom font size, line space, font and background colors.
  • Day/ night: switch reading modes between day and night by change font and background color.
  • About: collect the book information of such as name, author, category, description, etc to show you.
  • The hyperlinks on the book app content are valid.
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