Android Photo Wallpaper Maker

Android photo wallpaper maker

Android photo wallpaper maker is utility software that enables you to generate highly customizable wallpapers for your own Android screens on Windows platform. You can add multiple images at the same time and set basic configs for the wallpaper such as sharpness, brightness and rotation. What's more, it allows you to continue animation settings on your Android devices. Once your Android device is connected, you can install the wallpaper in the Android device by clicking the "Build" button. Then you can define animation settings for the wallpaper on the device: animation switch mode and speed setting.

The output apps are appropriated for phone or tablet which have installed the Android system 2.1 or above

For Windows 2000/2003/XP/win7

Price: $9.00         Version Number: 1.0.0

It enables you to create fabulous live wallpapers with ease and they can be installed in Android devices as other applications automatically once your devices are connected.

The output files are easy to be transmitted through data line, Bluetooth, download nline. And then you can set animation effect on the Android devices: Switch mode and speed.

Apparent buttons clues what is the following step. It is needless to worry about you can't use it well.

The live wallpapers display vividly when you skip on the Android screen. It is so cool!

The particular manual and considerate after-service help you know best of Android live wallpaper maker. It includs the whole creating app process, test and install, even how to publish online, etc.
once purchase, you can produce countless music apps for Android

Once purchased, you can build innumerable apps without any additional payment.

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