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Android book app maker converts Word and/or text files to flipping book app for Android. It allows you to insert illustrations, custom look & feel, even change language, setup text protection and eyesight-protection. You can easily create Android app without programming knowledge. It is the best choice if you want to make Ad income. The out apps as standalone programs, they run in the Android-powered devices independently with search, bookmark, and book info options integrated. You can reedit it after save settings as project at any time and place.

For Windows 2000/2003/XP/win7

Price: $79.00         Version Number: 3.3.0

You can convert both/either Word and/or Text files to Slide or Flip mode book apps.

You can publish your app on Android stores. Earn money from embedding advertisement or purely sell content.

You can custom native language replace English. Switch LTR to RTL (right to left) to accomodate the people read from right to left or the opposite.

Day/night feature alleviates eye strain when eading in dark or bright.

Font, color, size, background, content encrypts, content direction, basic book info, book icon, cover, etc. All these options allow you to set to change look & feel on Android with your app installed.

The out app with illustrations inserted allows you to search, create bookmark, and check book/author info; More importantly you can make ad income by insert ad service ID.

Surprisingly, now Android book app maker enables you to create bookmark on Android.
Search feature allows you access to the content you want more quickly and accurately.

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