Android Find Difference Maker

    About Android find difference maker

  • The interface is user-friendly with no need of expertise.
  • Add any number of pairs of image.
  • Load images for both sides from local disk freely.
  • Drag and drop the rectangles on a selected picture to circle the difference valid for both sides.
  • Easy to remove any side of picture.
  • Support delete the unsatisfied difference rectangle.
  • The image difference preview effect is on the basis of what you see what you get.
  • Define game icon shown on Android screen.
  • Custom Ad bar to place static or dynamic ads.
  • Add Ad URL connected with Ad bar to direct to the target website.
  • Setup the start of a game time of duration.
  • Setup the diminishing times of duration after each game ends.
  • Define how many images on the first game.
  • Define how many images added each time when next round of game start.
  • Custom all icons related to the welcome interface of a game include Welcome background, game logo, Easy level, Easy level selected,  Difficult level, Difficult level selected, Play button and Play button selected.
  • Custom the icons in the course of a game include Game background, Time background, Time icon, Progress bar background, Progress bar icon, Find button, Find button selected and Difference icon.
  • Custom all the icon shown on the result interfaces includes Result report background, Exit button, Replay button and Next button.
  • ustom all the music played on the whole game includes Start background, Game background, Alarm, Win and Lose.
  • Save all the settings and game elements as project file for further reuse.
  • Support load the project file to continue editing the game.
  • Register an account for Android self-sign stored in Keystore.
  • Direct the output directory to contain the game files.
  • Name the output Find-Difference game, define version code and name.
  • Support Admob embedding ads for earning commission fee.

    About game app when it installed in Android:


  • A game is divided into 3 levels: easy, medium and difficult.
  • The ads bar lies on the bottom.
  • The play button directs you to start game.
  • The different level bases the dynamic flash obstacles on its difficulty.  
  • The progress bar prompts you how long the game takes.
  • It pops up the message when lose, success, next round, etc.
  • The game contain various sound effect depend on your actions.
  • After passing through, you can get the prompt message about game result.
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