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  • You can import all the picture cells for replacing the default which make it your style.
  • Custom the horizontal and vertical cells' quatity (It determines the whole size which will be shown on Android screen).
  • Custom the first round duration and the degressive time interval that the next is less than its prior round.
  • Custom game of link-same icon, logo, and background.
  • Modify the outward apearance of timer in game.
  • Custom button of Start, Refresh and Find.
  • Self deinfine the style of prompt message box includes Background, Next round, Replay and Exit.
  • You can paste the advertisement image on the bottom replace the default.
  • It enables you to define your own languge commentary to take over English.
  • The right area displays the intuitional preview effect help you compare.
  • Enable you embed Admob ads to earn comission.

    About Link-same App

    With the Link-same APP created, the players will be able to:

  • Enjoy the jaunty background tunes.
  • Make interactions with the game itself well.
  • Speed up the reflexes, make you smarter.
  • Speed up the reflexes, make you smarter.
  • Alleviate the pleasure from life and work.
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