Android Music Game Maker

    About Android music game maker


  • User-friendly interface reduce strain to recognize complex.
  • Add music one by one.
  • Add folder of music.
  • Custom games interface by change the default icons or background images.
  • You can custom your own language by replacing English.
  • Custom different icons for each music in game list to recognize.
  • The game can be divided into simple, difficult, general difficult, etc by setup dots in different density on the five audio tracks.
  • You can label the difficult of game with the star grades.
  • You can sort, remove or clear the editing music.
  • Save current settings as a XML project file for late usage.
  • Load in the XML file to continue editing.

    About the output music game:


  • Play and Quit buttons on the simple and charming welcome interface.
  • Click Play, you enter into game list interface.
  • A song is a standalone game and its difficulty is labeled by star grades.
  • The game list items include Song name, Time duration, Difficult and a new score record.
  • On the bottom of list interface, there is a return button enables you to go back to the previous interface.
  • Select one from the list and then enter into game interface, the rolling Admob ads show on the bottom if you embed it.
  • The small rectangles fall down tracking to the 5 audio lines as the rhythm of background music.
  • The piano keyboard on ads bar.
  • You should click the under key when the small rectangle touch keyboard top edge.
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