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Aesop’s Fable 2 shows you old-line fables following Aesop’s Fable 1. In this free book app, you still can read straightaway but significant fairy stories. From those stories, you can obtain a lot about human nature, moral and ethical issues unconsciously. In fact, only if install the app into your Android-powered devices, and then you can view the Aesop’s Fable 2 like flipping a life-like paper book, even you can preview the bottom page thumbnail, or quick search the content you want to read first with ease.


1. This is the first page of Aesop’s Fable cover, on the top, there is a flip sound switch, reset button and the search icon. On the bottom, you will see the previous and next flip arrows and page thumbnails.

2. The full screen mode.

3. The standard interface one of the whole book.

4. The page-turn effect.

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