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Although you could think it belong to the sort of children’s book ostensibly, you can find several profound and idealistic observations about life and human nature from The Little Price. This book wrote by French writer Saint-Exupéry with his excellent talent. It is said that the figures in the story inspired by himself, his wife and others people in his life. In my opinion, he must mix much experience and feelings of himself in it that we can see the world from his unique angle. What you should do just download the package of The Little Prince and then uncompressed, finally install the book APK in Android-devices. Then you can view this amazing masterpiece on your Android with stunning page-flipping effect, search, index, etc functions.


1. This is The Little Prince standard interface in Android phone. All page thumbnails listed flatly at the bottom. You can shutdown the flip sound by clicking the top sound icon. If want to search specific content please click the icon search also on top.

2. You can zoom in the page by your two fingers slide oppositely.

3. Full screen flipping effect.

4. The searching window.

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