Summarize how to test the output APK file?

A:Since Android book app maker released, I have received lots of postal matters about how to test the output apps before uploaded to Android Market to sell. Before this I had wrote a detailed product manual about this issue, you can visit this link: to know more.

Today, I just want to integrate it once more to make it more easy-to-understand.
Firstly as you know there are two methods: 1 Android-powered phone; 2 Android Emulator.

1 I think most people who bought Android book app make already have an Android phone, so it is the simplest way to test the output APK file that copy it  in your phone with data line or Bluetooth.
You should connect your computer with USB line or Bluetooth. After convert an APK file, plug data line in PC or open Bluetooth (the phone Bluetooth should bind with your computer) to start to transmit APK to your phone’s SD card.

This moment, you might make use of a tool which can manage your files in SD card to find the APK file just now you transmitted in and then install it.

2 Android Emulator;

<1> Download JDK (Java Development Kit) from this link: and install it.
<2> Download Android SDK from this link: and install it.
<3> Launch your SDK Manager.
<4>Select Android SDK and AVD manageràVirtual devices and then click "start" and "launch".
<5> After the emulator launched, you can make use of adb.exe (you can find it in this directory C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools) to install the output APK file in emulator. (of course you can treat emulator as a real android phone to connect with data line or Bluetooth)

I have summarized the outline of how-to-test. You will find how detailed in Android product manual "Interface-->Testing APP".

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