How to Write Google Android Apps?

A:Many people desire write Google Android app, but they have no skill of programming. Nowadays, people can easily find app maker software on the internet. Musician need music app, different people need diffrent app maker. I guess some writers, cartoonists, etc I summarize them content owners would be interested in Android book/magazine app maker which can convert text, PDF, image files to apps. I love reading eBooks on Android phone because it is light and small in my hand, I can lay in bed with Android phone in hand, then flip one-by-one, stunning content almost make me lost myself. Frankly, I firmly believe there great number of people are as same as me. If your content is really attractive, you never have no readers. Even we Android portable readers.

You can download Android book/magazine app maker first (download Android book app maker ) to have a try. The output APK produced by app maker can be directly copied to phone' SD card, then installed. The output flipping effect books quite useful.

APK's Generation (Android book app maker):

Step1: Create new book.

Step2: Create new chapters by batch embed text files or directly create manually.

Step3: Build apps, click icon "Build".

You needn't worry about self sign for digital certification. Android book/magazine app maker provides keystore to store your self-sigh account, you can directly register one account with Android book/magazine app maker itself. Before convert text, PDF or image to apk, you shoudl log in with the account. If you have Admob account, it is rather easy to embed Admob ad to earn comission fee. Enter the Admob ID in the relevant form.

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